Jaw Augmentation

Jaw Augmentation (Mandibular) Facial Plastic Surgery

A sculpted jaw, which is proportion to the rest of the face, provides balance to facial features and helps to create what we perceive as beautiful and desirable facial features. A strong jaw in men can give them that “chiseled” look and portray create the appearance of masculinity whereas a weak jaw may appear feminine. Not everyone has the benefit of having a jaw naturally in balance with his or her facial features.

A small or weak jaw can make a nose look larger or smaller than it is and a chin larger than it is. Jaw Augmentation Surgery works to reverse this imbalance, restoring and or creating a youthful and proportionately pleasing face. It can give balance to what is a less defined face or further augment an existent jaw structure


Jaw Augmentation Surgery involves use synthetics or biological materials to augment, and make the mandibular structure of the face more prominent and aesthetically pleasing. The technique involves an oral approach where the incisions are made inside the mouth, on either side of the lower lip, creating pockets in which to insert the Jaw Implants. It is important to know that the Jaw Implant is shaped to match your specific jawline. Dissolvable sutures are used to close the incisions. There are no visible scars in this case and oral incisions heal quickly.


  • Jaw Augmentation Surgery is effective and safe.
  • Jaw implants are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Jaw Augmentation Surgery can further enhance an existing jaw structure or augment a weak jaw structure.
  • Jaw Augmentation Surgery helps create a well proportioned, aesthetically pleasing face.
  • Jaw Augmentation Surgery helps to sculpt a poorly defined face, giving beautiful contour and balance.
  • Jaw Augmentation Surgery can be performed in conjunction with other procedures, commonly done with Chin Augmentation, Cheek Augmentation and Rhinoplasty.

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