Jaw Face Recontouring Procedures

Changing face bone structure for cosmetic purposes was something unimaginable 10 -15 years ago. It was mainly operated for the purpose of face reconstruction after a car accident. Perhaps, back then, correcting a square jaw was considered as the most revolutionary face contouring cosmetic surgery. Other facial bone restructuring surgeries were simply unavailable.

The “Augmentation vs. Reduction” concept still holds true for facial bone contouring surgeries. In general, face augmentation is simpler than face reduction. Since face contouring techniques are very advanced, it must be operated by excellent surgeons who have years of experience. Also, being regarded as once-in-a-life-time surgery, you won’t be allowed to have it when your bone is not fully developed, (below 17 will be considered as too young) or when your bone is too weak (above 60).

Choosing the Best Face Contouring Surgeon

There are scores of things you need to check off your list especially when choosing a face contouring surgeon. Since there aren’t many facial bone specialists to begin with, your selection will boil down to your consultation with the surgeon. It is crucial to communicate well about your beauty standards. Having face contouring definitely sounds scary at first, and we also advise against just trusting someone’s testimonials online. Spend enough time during your consultation and remember to get necessary pre-operative essentials such as 360 degree face CT-Scans and miniature jawbone and cheekbone simulation. Also, it is better to have a packaged surgery in the long run. If you are thinking of having jawbone and cheekbone reduced, get a picture of what the combination would bring about during the consultation.

Top 3 Types & Ideal Facial Shapes

It would be virtually impossible to identify all facial shapes because everyone’s bone structure is uniquely different. With the help of plastic surgeons, however, we can classify them into 3 distinctive shapes. Other shapes are not really common and two-jaw surgery can be the only solution for them. Please consult with our medical coordinator if you need more detailed answers.

  • Square Jaw
  • Weak (Receding Chin)
  • Protruding Cheeks

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